Gifts between us

Organize a Secret Santa online with friends or at home: here is an original way of offering.

You will get a present, you don't know from who. You will offer a present to a person only you know.

Gifts between us allows you to easily and quickly organize this by drawing lots. It's an online Secret Santa.

Already 26395 events have been created.


So what is this all about ?

everyone has a gift

Gifts between us allows you to organize blind gift distribution (sometimes called a "Secret Santa). A draw tells who everyone has to offer a gift to among your family, your mates or even your workteam.

Everybody gets the same amount of gifts, but nobody knows who it is from.

The person in charge of the organization fills in the amount of gifts per person as well as the name and the e-mail address of every participant. The participants will get an invitation to perform their part of the mission by draw the names of their target(s).

So we don't disturb you and your old habits, the draw consists in choosing pieces of paper bearing the name of the one you now have to spoil. Shhhh!, you will be the only one to know.

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